Saturday, March 27, 2010

How I Entertain Myself, Take II

This is a thought I had almost two years ago, but seem like a fun bit to share to day:

If we assign a value (we'll call it the J-value) to a particular junk food in order to quantify its "junkiness," does the use of artificial ingredients [sweeteners--S, preservatives--P, colors--C, hydrogenated fats--F (all of which are another type of junk "food")] cause an increase in the J-value of the particular junk food in question?

For example, is sugar-free Jell-O, which contains Aspartame, "junkier" than regular Jell-O, which is sweetened with sugar? If so, is the increase in the J-value direct (JxS) or exponential (J^S)?

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