Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bad Manners

I lost my cool today. I was checking my email, and had a piece of spam that simply put me over the top. This is the third email I've received from this company in the past week. I have only shared my email address with one entity in the last week, and I'm starting to think that they've sold it to a mailing list. And so, after opening my inbox, shouting, "What is your fucking problem?" at the offending email, and explaining my frustration and suspicions to my two friends, Gabe and Ashley, who were in the room at the time, we began compiling a list of basic practical maxims.

1) Do not kick crippled homeless people
2) Do not molest children
3) Do not take canes away from elderly individuals
4) Do not tie down small animals and cut off their limbs
5) Do not roast babies
6) Do not engage in bestiality
7) Do not drown kittens in a sack

and the maxim that started it all:

8) When a person brings the body of their only animal to you for cremation, DO NOT sell their email address to a pet supply company.

It's just bad manners.

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