Saturday, July 30, 2011

All Good Things

In the world of All Good Things today, I feel compelled to share what a fabulous week I had.  Most of it for no particular reason other than I seem to be developing a rhythm with my new responsibilities at work and I'm pretty happy person in general.

All of this was made even better when my dogs actually let me go back to sleep after their 4:30 potty trip.  This almost NEVER happens.  Unfortunately, I was determined to sleep until 7:00.  They were determined to use my face as their wrestling mat come 6:30.  We compromised.  I threw an arm up and they used that.

Then, I went shopping with my most beauteous mama.  I've been needed a new pair of shoes for sometime and finally found the time to hit a shoe store.  Love my new Adidas.

After that, it was time to pick up a few groceries.  Just the basics:  mangoes, plain  yogurt, apples, eggs.

While I was at the grocery store I saw the only candle I like.  Seriously, I'm not a candle girl.  I've never gotten into them.  Generally, I find them frilly and obnoxious.  And what's the point?  None of them have a smell strong enough to permeate a room.  Which is actually a good thing because none of them smell good enough to want to have their odor permeate a room.

Except one.  Febreeze Home Collection:  Green Tea Citrus.  So, when I saw one, marked down from $14.95 to $9.97, I decided to splurge, even though I had 1/2 of one left at home.

When I got the check out, the candle rang up $1.00.

I paid for my purchases, left my mother with the cart, and headed to the back of the store.  Where I picked up 5 more.  De-lightful!


  1. I love bargains, too! I went back a week later and bought the last 5!