Thursday, August 7, 2014


I believe everything in life can be boiled down to either theory or formula and either is sufficient to understanding anything.

It so happens that just this morning, I developed an formula for understanding what I find attactive. The reason for this is because physical appearance isn't all that important to me. I've been attracted to thin people, fat people, muscular people, scrawny people, tall people, short people, people much younger than me, people much older than me, of all races and religious and philosophical backgrounds.

Since I occasionally have people ask me why I'm not attracted to them, I decided to create this formula in order to quantify what I find attractive. Only one physical element is taken into consideration.

This is the Hotness Factor (H), wherein the following attributes are taken into consideration: Personality (P), Smile (S), and Intelligence (I):

H = (P + S) x I

wherein P and S are assigned a value from 1-5 and I is assigned a value from 1-10 giving a total possible H factor of 100.

For me to feel attraction for an individual, they must have a miminum Hotness Factor of 56.

Whovians (W) get bonus points:

H = (P + S) x I + W

Respectful (R) behavior is factored as a power with an assigned value of 1-5 proportionate to the behavior exhibited (basic daily respect gets a 1, having no effect on the score; mildly respectful behavior that is say 20% more respectful than what might be deemed the minimum for a given situation - or more respectful than what is commonly seen regardless of what should be expected - gets a 2, etc), increasing one's hotness factor exponentially:

H = [(P + S) x I] ^ R

Disrespectful (D) behavior leads to a zero or negative product Hotness Factor as D is always equal to or less than zero:

H = (P + S) x I x D

There you have it, the Hotness Factor as it relates to attraction.

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