Sunday, February 24, 2013

Salt Scrub

In addition to not being super crafty, I'm also in love with coconut oil.  So, when I found a gallon of it for less than $9.00 in an Amish general store a week ago, I jumped on it.

This is in addition, mind you, to the two jars of virgin coconut oil I have sitting on my pantry shelf already, each of which is 14 oz and cost over $10.00, sort of.  That's what it typically runs, but the grocery store was running a sale 6 months ago for $7.99 each, and I grabbed two.  They rang up at the original price, and because of the error, the grocery store gave them to me at no charge (I love this store's right price policy!).

Anyway, I use the expensive stuff for cooking and baking because it's awesome.  But what to do with a gallon of coconut oil?

I decided to make my own body scrub.  It went something like this:

3 cups of salt
1 1/2 cups coconut oil
1 peppermint tea bag
3 sprigs fresh rosemary
30 drops lavender essential oil
3 tablespoons lavender flowers

Place salt in a medium mixing bowl.

Place 2 inches of water in the bottom of a double boiler and bring to a simmer.

Place the coconut oil in the top of the double boiler along with the rosemary and tea bag.  Set atop the simmering water.

Melt the coconut oil, stirring occasionally.  When about 1/2 of the oil is melted, remove the tea bag and discard.  In fact you may want to remove it sooner.  I left mine in too long, and peppermint is the predominant fragrance.  Which isn't bad.  It just isn't what I was going for.

Continue to stir the coconut oil and rosemary until the oil is completely melted.  Turn off the heat and allow it hang out for awhile.  I didn't time it.  I was too busy eating Nut Thins and goat cheese.

When the goat cheese was gone, I put the Nut Thins away.

Remove the top of the double boiler from over the water.  Stir in the lavender essential oil.

Remove the rosemary and strip the leaves from the stems.  Discard stems and throw the leaves in your salt.

Mix the melted oil, lavender flowers, and oil together.  Stir to thoroughly combine.

Once combined, store it in something....  I used 2 1-qt mason jars, because I like to can tomatoes and thus have a bunch on hand.  No idea how this is actually going to turn out, but I'm kind of excited to find out!


  1. let us know (and for some reason i find myself kind of hungry right now....) yum... cheese...

    1. This is the most amazing body scrub I've ever used! I hate shaving. My legs are ALWAYS dry. No matter what I do, no matter how much moisturizer I use, no matter how much or type or brand shaving cream, no matter how often, or how new my blade, shaving my legs ALWAYS leads to razor burn.

      But, I applied this scrub, exfoliating AND moisturizing my legs before I jumped in the shower. I rinse it off, applied shaving cream and shaved. Viola! I've never had such a close shave with such soft and moisturized skin EVER!

      I'm totally in love with it! I'm planning to make more when this runs out. Because I couldn't help myself. After last night's success with my calves, I decided to exfoliate the rest of me tonight.