Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Filthy Things My Boss Says During Meetings at Work

I have decided, for the sake of pure entertainment, to maintain a list of quotes, taken out of context, of things my boss says while at work.

"I tried three times and I can't get back in,"

was immediately followed by:

"I only have the room for thirty minutes."

And today (12/14/2012):

"I finally got in!"

Stay tuned for more, as I plan on adding additional quotes as he continues making remarks are really dirty and totally hilarious when taken out of context!



After today, I've decided that I should keep a running tally not only of things my boss says, but of things my co-workers say as well.  This will also include any thoughts of my own that immediately spring to mind, and which I cannot shout out loud at work.

This morning, I overheard our off-center center-fold ask a customer, "Did you get it in yet?"  While giggling a ridiculous amount, I thought to myself, "If you have to ask, you don't want them to get it in."

Later in the day, JDubs remarked, "I can't take anything orally; I have a pounding in my head."

Oh, the dirty things that happen in the world of windows.



JDubs:  "Where do I put this?"

LF:  "It was sticking up, so I was rubbing it down."



LF:  "I squeezed the caulk and it kept coming out and I couldn't get it to stop!"

LF:  "It's all hard, and when your done (blows raspberry)... marshmallow."

BD:  "Oh, I took it!  I took it like a champ!"

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  1. I was afraid when I saw the title...Mary releases her tell all of all the things Autumn shouldn't have said while she was your boss :)